01/15/2016, 16:54 Time
R. Reece Cheramie

Tennessee Legislators Introduce Marriage Bill

Could Cost TN over $8B

USPA NEWS - A bill has been introduced in the TN State Legislator which, if passed, would dictate that the State must ignor...

07/16/2015, 18:03 Time
R. Reece Cheramie

The Flags of Our Heritage Debate

Get the facts right...

USPA NEWS - When Governor Jindal claims the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America as part of his "Heritage" some...

07/15/2015, 19:39 Time
R. Reece Cheramie

Marriage Equality Comes To Shelbyville

Equal Protection for all

USPA NEWS - Equality is now the law of the land, the sky has not fallen, no plagues have been released on America, but my h...

06/30/2015, 15:49 Time
Rodney Thompson

Bedford County, TN First Same-Sex Marriage

Love Wins

USPA NEWS - Mr. Christopher Cheramie & Mr. Rodney Thompson were legally wed in a private ceremony in their Historic Belmont...

06/09/2015, 14:34 Time
Rodney Thompson

Local Neighborhood Increases Securtiy

Crime on the Increase

USPA NEWS - Local residents of the Historic Belmont District in Shelbyville, Tennessee are working with local police to inc...

04/30/2015, 14:17 Time
Rodney Thompson

Heritage Medical Center CFO Speaks of Insure Tennessee Importances

Insure Tennessee Helps

USPA NEWS - The Chief Financial Officer spoke of the importance of Governor Haslam's Insure Tennessee program to a group of...

04/28/2015, 14:37 Time
Rodney Thompson

Alton Avenue Residents Win!

Shelbyville Firestorm

USPA NEWS - After a multi-month battle to save their neighborhood from a retail Walmart Neighborhood Market, local resident...

04/11/2015, 20:49 Time
Rodney Thompson

A Local High School Student with Gumption!

Area student looking for a date to Prom

USPA NEWS - On any normal day,of any normal week in Shelbyville, you will notice numerous individuals walking up and down o...

04/11/2015, 20:41 Time
Rodney Thompson

Shelbyville Neighborhood Battle Updates

Restrictive Covenants Found

USPA NEWS - After many of the “Vote No On Nine“ Organization members spoke with area Realtors, Property Attorneys, an...

04/11/2015, 20:01 Time
Rodney Thompson

UTB Madison Street Project being developed by Polestar Development, LLC

A Proven Walmart Developer

USPA NEWS - At this past Thursday´s Shelbyville City Council Meeting, where the proposed Commercial Rezoning of the highly...

04/04/2015, 20:05 Time
Rodney Thompson, Editor

Who Is Actually Running Shelbyville?

Shelbyville Civics 101

USPA NEWS - After a comment made recently by a City Council Member who stated that they were actually opposed to a proposed...

04/03/2015, 17:33 Time
Rodney Thompson

City Planner Placed on 6 Month Probation

Behavioral Issues Involved

USPA NEWS - City Planner, Amanda Rhinehart to return to job after two-week Paid Administrative Leave on Six-month Probation...

03/14/2015, 20:22 Time
Rodney Thompson, Editor

Shelbyville Neighborhood Faces Destruction

Residents organize their opposition

USPA NEWS - Numerous Shelbyville Residents are upset over the proposed rezoning of nine residential lots to commercial in t...

12/11/2014, 17:52 Time
Rodney Thompson

Holiday Travel Tips

4 simple tips to make improve your trips

USPA NEWS - Our new feature of Travel Tips starts off with four great tips when deciding on, reserving, and then staying in...

12/08/2014, 18:25 Time
Christopher Cheramie

Main Street Cafe Review

Main Street Cafe

USPA NEWS - On a recent visit with friends, we discovered a new gem, in Shelbyville, Tennessee, the Main Street Cafe! Conv...

08/26/2014, 20:22 Time
Rodney Thompson

The Future of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration?

The future is not looking very bright...

USPA NEWS - The future of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration seems a little "iffy" as the event rolls into it...

08/04/2014, 14:35 Time
Rodney Thompson

The Outsiders Syndrome

The Un-welcoming Nature!

USPA NEWS - While Shelbyville cries for new businesses and industry to create jobs, once a person relocates to the city, th...

08/03/2014, 19:24 Time
Rodney R. Thompson

Hidden Gem in Bedford County, Tennessee

A Great Event!

USPA NEWS - Tucked away in the southeast corner of Bedford County, Tennessee just a few miles out of Shelbyville sits a tru...

07/30/2014, 14:21 Time
Rodney R. Thompson

Historic Families of Shelbyville: The Colonel James Lockhart Scudder Family

Historically Significant Familes

USPA NEWS - The Historic Belmont District in Shelbyville, Tennessee offers numerous links to Historically Significant Famil...

07/30/2014, 14:04 Time
Rodney R. Thompson

Local Historic District Determined to Survive

Shelbyville Historic Belmont District

USPA NEWS - On a busy street just two blocks off the Public Square, the residents are coming together as never before to pr...




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